For beginners .. Learn how to park the car in a right and safe way

Time:: 2017-11-11 13:28:01
For beginners .. Learn how to park the car in a right and safe way

The car is often the toughest step in driving instruction and novices take a long time to learn, but it is vital to any driver. You have to be a coach in a variety of situations.    * In order to park your car safely there are several things you should remember: - Beware of increased speed: At the corner of the car, your speed should not exceed 7 km / h, be careful and be prepared to press the brakes at any moment. - Handle the steering wheel "Drexion" correctly: Do not forget that the steering wheel works backwards when turning back; turn the wheel to the right if you want the direction to the left, and to the left if you want to turn right. - Press the brake firmly: When driving at a low speed, you must press the brakes firmly; pressing the brakes weakly may cause the vehicle to continue moving and collide with what you are trying to avoid. - Using the mirror: Do not forget to use the mirror will help you a lot in avoiding colliding things behind you and seeing well. - The use of another person: You can always use someone to guide you while you are in your car, especially when you are a beginner in driving. - Hand brake: Do not forget to use your hand brake if you park your vehicle on high. - Pay attention to where you descend: Do not forget to look at the mirror before you get out of the car to watch the road behind you, especially if you intend to get off the street. * Parking steps correctly: First: the way to park between two cars along the sidewalk: Which is to stop your car between two cars or two fixed points on the side of the road, parallel to the pavement, and depends on the way to maneuver and control the car driving back. 1 - Give the cars behind you a signal to stand up, so leave you space behind you to move. 2 - Leave a distance between you and the car in front of you, make your car parallel to it and on the same line of parking of this car, and then prepare to go back after looking in the mirror to make sure the road behind you. 3. Move back quietly so that your rear window becomes the rear of the car by your side. When this happens, start by moving the entire wheel toward the other vehicle; if it is on your right, move the wheel to the right, though on your left, move it to the left. 4 - Do not forget to look at the mirror on the side of the road during the back to make sure the safety of the introduction of your vehicle directed to the road while turning back. 5. When the rear of your car approaches the pavement and the corner of your turn is sharp, check that your front car is safely in front of you and then reverse the steering wheel completely with the circus back quietly until you make sure you are standing in the right place. Second: the way the corner of the car perpendicular to the pavement: Some parking spaces depend on vertical parking on the sidewalks or in specific boxes with lines on the floor of the parking lot. The parking method differs in these positions from the parallel way to the sidewalk. 1. Check the box that you want to stand in, then pass through this box until you stop at the second line after this box, so that this line is perpendicular to the driver's door. 2. Now start moving to the box you want to stand with, moving the wheel in the same direction; if on your right you roll the steering wheel to the right and if on your left turn the wheel to the left. 3. When you begin to enter the target box check the side mirrors of the vehicle to make sure you stand correctly and then start to roll the wheel in the opposite direction until your car is parallel to the two square legs and completely vertical on the pavement.

For beginners .. Learn how to park the car in a right and safe way
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