What you should to know before a long car trip in winter?

Time:: 2017-11-09 15:27:46
What you should to know before a long car trip in winter?

Having a long car trip in winter is something that requires good driving skills especially in the winter weather, Especially heavy rain, dense fog, torrential rains and floods in the violent winds, snow accumulated, low temperature, slippery, a heavy burden on both the driver and the spacecraft. So if you are planning to have a long trip with your vehicle in the winter these tips might help you : 1-Winter Road Trip Planning: Plan a reasonable trip, keep in mind the weather conditions and plan for a shorter driving trip in winter as it can be more tiring than at other times of the year. 2- Packing the Car: Don’t forget these things before a long trip in winter : Cell phone and charger for the car, Maps and GPS, Extra windshield washer fluid, a handy ice scraper, jumper cables, emergency car kit and sand or a kitty litter to put under your power wheels to help you out of a slippery spot. 3-Prepping Your Vehicle for a Winter Road Trip: Checking your vehicle is a very important step before any long trip but it’s more important in the winter to increase the danger and enjoy your trip. you’ll need to pay special attention to : - Heater, defroster, brakes, lights, oil levels and exhaust system. - Condition of the tires. Decide if all-season tires are good enough for your planned route or whether you need proper winter tires. - Quality of your windshield wipers. This is important as worn out wipers will smear ice on your windshield rather than clean it off. - Antifreeze in the radiator. A car traveling in winter can’t survive with anti-freeze in the radiator.

What you should to know before a long car trip in winter?
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