15 Tips for safe driving in the winter

Time:: 2017-11-09 15:16:30
15 Tips for safe driving in the winter

Be careful and careful when driving in such difficult winter conditions, in addition to the need to ensure the readiness of the vehicle and maintenance to receive the winter, so that this chapter is safe for you and your family. The most important tips necessary for safe driving in the winter:   1 - Reduce your speed: This may seem normal advice, but very important, you will need to drive less than usual in the winter conditions more than usual.   2. Listen to the weather news bulletin: Try to know the weather conditions before driving and be prepared.   3. Keep your car full of fuel: although this means standing up more than once, but you will be very grateful for the fuel tank full of more than half when it keeps your car temperature.   4. Clean the glass of your car from the ice constantly: Do not hesitate to do this step well, do not risk poor vision under the conditions of the winter environment.   5. Remove the ice from your car completely: Most people think that the ice can be removed just enough to see; but it is very important to remove the snow from the hood and roof of the car so as not to fly on the glass of your car by the air while driving, .   6. Stay in your lane: If snow falls heavily on the road it will be difficult to see other passages and bypass in a safe way; so it is better for you to stay in your lane and leave enough distance between you and the car in front of you to stop easily when necessary, Between 4-6 seconds between you and the car in front of you.   7 - Beware of slips and avoid braking sudden and severe, and in the event of the slide, raise your foot from the accelerator pedal and use the reverse spare, and rotate the steering gently until the vehicle back on track and always keep calm.   8. Turn on your lights: When driving in winter you will need these lights to see more clearly, so turning on your front and rear lights will help you avoid the mistakes of others around you.   9. Clean your car lights: When you stop fueling, you can clean your car's lights, which may be covered with snow after driving for a while. 10. Be careful of weather and black ice. Black ice is a very thin and transparent layer of ice that is hard to see. Be careful of this type especially if you are crossing a bridge on the road.   11. Wear appropriate clothing and do not rely on heating the vehicle.   12. Stop in a safe place: If the weather gets worse you can find a safe place like a parking lot, stop for a while until the weather improves, do not risk driving in bad conditions and do not stop at the other side of the road or on the side of the road. the last moment .   13 - Remove snow from your shoes: snow in your car may melt and help to be fog on your window and obscures vision.   14 - Do not wear huge shoes: huge shoes may prevent you from feeling pedals, so wear comfortable warm shoes to ensure that you feel pedals under your feet.   15- Do you know how to stop your car while sliding?  Glide is the loss of friction to the ground, and may occur when the road is wet, especially if your tires are in a bad condition, and the best ways to avoid injury due to slip: - Lift your foot on the accelerator and gently press the brake. - Keep your cool and direct the car to the direction you started (same direction of slide), and do not press the brakes violently, you may lose control completely on the car. If your car is equipped with an ABS brake system: - Continue to press firmly on the pedal and let the brake function according to the programmed system automatically. However, do not overdo the confidence in the brake pads, because even the high-tech brakes do not guarantee you a safe stop if you drive at high speed or if you fail to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

15 Tips for safe driving in the winter
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