Car care annual checklist

Time:: 2017-11-08 17:31:50
Car care annual checklist

It’s very important that your vehicle always be in the best case, and by checking it frequently it’s more easy to discover any problem early, and that makes it more easy and economic to fix it. The most important reason is to avoid car break downs in a far place. This list will help you to check your vehicle during the year: First : Check frequently: - Dashboard Indicator Lights. - Vehicle Lights. - Tire Inflation an Condition. - Windshield Washer Fluid. - Engine Oil Level. Second : Every 3 months: All the above plus : - Automatic Transmission Fluid. - Battery and Cables. - Belts. - Engine Air Filter. - Exhaust. - Hoses. - Power Steering Fluid. Third: Every 6/9 months: All the above plus : - Chassis Lubrication. - Wiper Blades. Fourth: Every 12 months: All the above plus: - Brakes. - Cabin Air Filter. - Coolant (Antifreeze). - Steering and Suspension. - Wheel Alignment.

Car care annual checklist
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