? how to enjoy long distance driving

Time:: 2017-11-08 14:42:36
? how to enjoy long distance driving

Do you drive your vehicle without any company? Do you want to know how to enjoy your long rides? These are some tips that will help you to enjoy driving in a long distance trip: - Eat and sleep : Always get at least 8 hours sleep and eat something substantial and energy filled before setting off. - Check your vehicle : checking your vehicle is in top condition and ready for the long journey ahead. - Take brakes : Pull over and take a break Pull over and take a break eve couple of hours. Gram a snack or a drink to refresh. and stretch your legs. - No drinking: This is pretty self explanatory, but no drink driving. Not even one. this is bound to make you feel sleepy. - Off the road: If you have to pull over, do it off the road and never on the hard shoulder or breakdown lanes (except for emergencies). - Plan your route : Plan your route around the expected weather forecast to avoid any traffic build up, it'll save you precious time. - Be prepared : Bring a detailed map, use your GPS or a smartphone app like Google maps - or a l three to stay on track! - Local traffic lows : If traveling across to another country. familiarise yourself with their traffic laws to avoid any confusion. - Be efficient :Keep costs down by conserving petrol as you drive. Keep starting and stopping to a minimum! - Stay comfortable : Make your Chair comfortable and set it to your size, it is possible to carpool with you head or cushion for greater comfort in the seating area as well. - Have some fun: It is possible to stop for a stroll in the beautiful place on the road, open the windows from time to time to get some fresh air, and listened to some of your favorite radio program or fun. -

? how to enjoy long distance driving
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