15 safety tips for driving at night

Time:: 2017-11-07 14:31:54
15 safety tips for driving at night

There is no doubt that the driving in the evening is more difficult, and also more dangerous. This 15 advice will help you better and safer driving in the evening: 1. Keep headlights, taillights, signal lights and windows clean. 2. Check to be sure headlights are properly aimed, even in a new car. 3. Turn headlights on in early twilight. 4. Dim instrument panel and dash lights. 5. Reduce speed and increase following distances. 6. Make sure your speed would allow you to come to a complete stop within the distance illuminated by your headlights. 7. Do not use high beams when following or approaching another vehicle. 8. Use the right edge of the road as a visual guide if blinded by oncoming lights. 9. Watch for the flash of headlights; they may indicate approaching hills or hairpin curves. 10. Raise or lower the rearview mirror to eliminate bright reflection from following cars. 11. Periodically stop for light snacks, exercise or a nap. 12. Wear glasses with anti-reflective lenses. Even with perfect vision. 13. Keep your eyes moving rather than focusing on one area. 14. Watch for deer (where there's one, there are usually more). 15. And, of course, never drink and drive!

15 safety tips for driving at night
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