Defensive Driving

Time:: 2017-11-07 10:47:43
Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving is an important technique for driving cars, where they offer you protection on the road and it can save you money also.So what is defensive driving? Defensive Driving is driving the vehicle at a rate of: diligence, efficiency, the ability to control the vehicle and focus on the road. This technical will reduce the error rate, also it will help the driver to monitor and avoid the mistakes of others around him to arrive the place he wants safely. Also being careful, calm and patience while driving is one of the most important features of the Defense Command, which constitute the system of morals values in driving, especially during the congestion. Here is Some of the most important driving principles: -To be attentive and aware of what is going around you while driving; the good driver is the one who is concentrated on the driving process, aware of everything around him continuously looking to the side mirrors while driving. - Avoid driving when you are tired, or if you are under the influence of any narcotic drugs or any drug can cause drowsiness or alcoholic beverages or under the influence of any tension. - Try to predict what will happen on the road in the near and far distance; by seeing the signs and observing the movement of the cars around you and predict the places of congestion, also it’s important to leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, to provide security time to be able to stop your car in case of emergency. - Don’t attempt to drive your car very fast to overtake another car in front of you, but stay with the flow of cars and move in the same speed, high speed increases the danger, and slow speed can cause obstruction to traffic behind you. - It’s important to make your car clear to the other vehicles; always check your headlights, taillights before driving. They help other drivers to see you clearly to avoid the risks and to be able to take decisions properly while driving.

Defensive Driving
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